May 23, 2014
‘Unlock your CARnival’ promotion launches today – Brewery

The St Vincent Brewery will today, Friday, May 23, launch their Hairoun beer “Unlock your CARnival” promotion at Heritage Square.{{more}}

The launch will feature live performances by, among others, soca sensation Rickey “Lil Rick” Reid from Barbados.

The “Unlock your CARnival” promotion, which will run for eight weeks, gives persons the opportunity to win prizes that include a BMW Z4, a trip for two to Barbados’ Crop Over, and a “Man Cave.”

Explaining what a “Man Cave” is, Marketing assistant at the Brewery Caricia Taylor said that it is a space designed specifically for a man to enjoy himself. It comprises a television set, a mini hi-fi stereo system, a refrigerator stocked with Hairoun beer and an Ashleigh sofa.

Taylor said that apart from the three grand prizes that will be given away, the promotion will see persons winning instant prizes such as Carnival show tickets, LIME credit and 4G handsets, free Hairoun beer and cash.

Taylor added that today (Friday, May 23), the brewery will be transforming Heritage Square into a Carnival City, “where this year’s prizes will be unveiled for all to see.”

She stressed that the launch will peak at 7 p.m. in the form of a concert which, apart from a performance by “Lil Rick,” will also see live performances by Tabia Matthews and the “Hairoun Hit Squad” (Keith Currency, Royal, DJ 20), among others.

“To commemorate the official launch of the promotion, persons attending the concert at Heritage Square would be given chances to win great prizes then and there by coming on the stage and doing certain tasks that we have set. They can win prizes including show tickets, LIME credit and free Hairoun Beer,” said Taylor, who added that the music begins from 5 p.m.

Explaining how the prizes will be won throughout the eight weeks of the promotion, Taylor said that the instant prizes will be won when persons look under their Hairoun beer crowns.

She revealed that to get into the grand prize draw, persons who look under their Hairoun crowns and see a door are officially entered in the grand prize draw by bringing the crown to the Brewery at Campden Park.

There are 10 crowns with doors available, but persons wishing to enter in the grand prize draw can also put six crowns in an envelope along with their name, address and telephone number and drop it into specially marked boxes at outlets across the island.

However, the envelope and crowns only come into play if the crowns with the doors are not found in time for the grand finale in July.

On the day of the finals, the 10 finalists will be asked to choose a key. Each key will open one of 10 doors that will be set up in Heritage Square. Every hour beginning from 11 a.m., a finalist will be asked to open a door and they will take home what is behind the door their key opens.

Behind these doors will be the BMW Z4 car, a trip for two to Barbados’ Crop Over, a “Man Cave”, a truck load of Hairoun Beer, a room of cash, or small prizes like an ironing board, a tricycle or a goat.

Operations, Sales and Marketing manager Brewery, Shafia London stressed on Wednesday, “the yearly promotions put on by Hairoun always cater to the everyday needs of its patrons, offering an element of practicality in every prize, in light of the current unstable economic condition.”

She added that this promotion will leave many persons happy and in a better position to improve their lifestyles.