May 23, 2014
Safety is everybody’s business – Myers

Occupational Health and Safety is everybody’s business.

This statement was made by chief executive officer of VINLEC Thornley Myers in his address at the Occupational and Health Safety conference, which was held on May 15. Myers noted that the issue was a very important matter, {{more}} not just for VINLEC, but for St Vincent and the Grenadines on a whole as well.

The conference was attended by representatives of various business places throughout the country, and Myers commended the participants for contributing to the large turnout.

“It’s great for me to see employers here, employees and the state is represented as well,” the CEO said to the packed conference room.

In his address, he noted that many persons limit themselves by thinking that occupational health and safety only speaks to accidents that occur on the job.

However, he highlighted that it is necessary for business places to also consider things such as proper lighting, ensuring that there is insulation and that chemicals used in the workplace are utilized properly.

“All workers leave home in the morning expecting to return to their families in a whole manner. All of our workers…they belong to someone and those who say goodbye to them in the morning expect them to return, and we as managers, stakeholders in this business need to ensure that they work in an environment that is safe, healthy and an environment that would not essentially deter their long-term health,” he said.

Throughout the month of May, VINLEC is hosting a number of activities to bring awareness to persons about occupational health and safety.

At the conference, speakers included Anthony Patterson, the environmental, health and safety officer at VINLEC, who spoke on Safety in the Utility Industry and Albert Porter, the supply chain manager at St Vincent Brewery Ltd, who spoke on Safety in the Manufacturing Industry.

Desmond Pompey, engineer in the Physical Planning Department addressed the participants on Safety in Construction, while Dr Mineva Glasgow, deputy executive director of National Insurance Services (NIS), spoke on Safety and the Economic Implications. Marcus Richards, head of Plant Protection and Quarantine Services, spoke on the Use of Chemicals in the Agricultural Sector.

A panel discussion also took place, with panelists being Carlos Wilson, senior environmental health officer, Kenyatta Alleyne, manager of infrastructure services at the Roads, Buildings and General Services Authority (BRAGSA) and Fitz Jones, the labour commissioner.(BK)