May 23, 2014
Medical team from Republic of China on Taiwan visits SVG

A seven-member medical team from Taiwan’s Chunghua Christian Hospital (CCH) arrived in SVG on May 18 to kick off a three-week visit.

On May 20, Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves of St Vincent and the Grenadines, during a courtesy call, warmly welcomed the team, {{more}}accompanied by Ambassador Weber Shih of the Republic of China (Taiwan).

This is the fifth team that CCH has sent to SVG. During the visit, the team will conduct medical exchanges and offer assistance to Milton Cato Memorial Hospital (MCMH), and outreach to local communities.

At a presentation on “Get the Point: Acupuncture in Health care” on May 20, the Taiwan Embassy invited Chinese Medicine specialist Dr Shun-Chang Chang of the CCH Medical Team to deliver the feature speech and share with SVG health officials, medical and nursing professionals the basic concept and clinic applications of acupuncture in today’s health care.

During the presentation, Dr Chang invited Minister of Health Clayton Burgin, Permanent Secretary Luis de Shong, and National Security Adviser Sir Vincent Beache and other participants to experience needle acupuncture. He also demonstrated and guided all guests to practise qi-gong, an exercise for health.

CCH has sent its medical team to SVG every year since CCH was twinned with MCMH in 2010. This time the team is headed by Dr Nina Kao, CEO of CCH Overseas Medical Mission Center. The team comprises specialists in Chest Internal Medicine – Dr Ming-tai Lin, Obstetrics and Gynecology – Dr Yu-chi Fu, Chinese Medicine – Dr Shun-chang Chang; Otorhinolaryngologist Dr Ching-Hui Hsu; and Intensive Care Nurse Shou-chuan Sun and Emergency Nurse Lin-li Chuang.