March 7, 2014
NDP receives first shipment of relief items from Canada

The opposition New Democratic Party announced this week that it has received the first shipment of controversy-hit relief items donated by persons in Canada for flood victims.{{more}}

The party said funds were used from the donations contributed during the party’s recent radiothon, to cover the duties, VAT and Customs Service Charge on the released goods.

The goods were at the centre of several weeks of public debate after the NDP indicated it would not seek duty free concessions through the National Emergency Management Organisation (NEMO,) as stipulated by theGovernment. The party instead wrote directly to Cabinet, which turned down the concession request.

The NDP held a radiothon last week, which, it said, raised in excess of $26,000 to meet the required payments.

President of the NDP Arnhim Eustace has thanked those persons who contributed, including Mr Ken Chitole of KLC Shippers in Canada and has indicated that any funds in excess of those used for paying customs duties VAT and CST will be used to purchase and deliver relief items to those who still today struggle to pick up the pieces, the party said in a release.

The NDP has been advised that more items have been shipped from Canada and elsewhere, as the relief effort continues, it said.

Among the items delivered were foodstuff, kitchen utensils and clothing.