March 7, 2014
Digicel Nelson Bloc launches Vincy Mas 2014 presentation

Digicel Nelson Bloc launched its 2014 presentation Tuesday and the members of the band have indicated that they are serious about getting back into winners row.{{more}}

The nine-time ‘Band of the Year’ champions will be featuring 10 sections this year in their 30th presentation since coming on the scene some 31 years ago, entitled ‘‘We Drinkin.’’

The sections include Malibu, Hypnotiq, Sunset Strong Rum, Red Bull (male and female sections), Sparrow’s (to be featured in the Section of the Band competition), Carib, Smirnoff, White Oak (female) and in the children category – Pine Hill (5 to 9) and Mountain Top water (10 to 15).

And once again, local telecommunications provider Digicel has partnered with Nelson Bloc for this year’s presentation.

“We are pleased to have had the support of the company. We are happy to have fostered such a fruitful partnership as we display the culture of our country and we look forward to continuing this for years to come,” Alvern Ali Cadogan, band leader, said at a press briefing.

She explained that the presentation was the brainchild of band member Eldon O’Garro, who came up with the concept two years ago under the name “Bottle and Glass,” but it was shelved.

It was, however, revisited on the insistence of public relations officer Sean ‘Tana’ Brewster last year and the name modified to “We Drinkin” in honour of the band’s 30th year of competition.

Brewster further explained that the concept was taken to designer Ozzie Constance, where the decision was taken that this year’s presentation would be different and ensure that they are back in winners’ row.

The band has been making a lot of changes, one such being a new type of marketing strategy, Brewster said.

There are a number of Vincentians living abroad who may want to play Mas this year, he continued, and they can log on to a number of social media sites including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The strategy for this year, he added, was that Nelson Bloc would be participating in all categories of competition.

“We are ready; we are ready to take Vincy Mas by storm,” he said.

Digicel’s marketing manager Juno De Roche spoke of the success of the band, but went on to mention that that was not the reason why the decision had been made for the company to provide sponsorship.

“Digicel is supporting Nelson Bloc because of the culture of the people of St Vincent and the Grenadines and we will continue to support the band,” she said.

Jerry George, public relations manager for Digicel in the Eastern Caribbean and the one credited with getting Nelson Bloc on board with the company some 11 years ago, said that the sponsorship was part of his company fulfilling its mandate to become involved in culture, once it started operating here.

But he credited the Mas band saying that it was clearly one that had been making a name for itself.

“I have been intrigued by the work and definitely Nelson Bloc has been doing it consistently,” George said.

“We see what you are doing and we see your involvement which has been businesslike over the years and we want to encourage you,” he continued. (DD)