March 4, 2014
Canouan resort featured in Forbes Magazine

This country’s newest resort has made its way onto the pages of Forbes Magazine.{{more}}

The Pink Sands Club, the name given to the US $120 million dollar resort built in Canouan, was featured in the magazine’s publication, which hit the newsstands yesterday.

The article, written by Laurie Werner, highlights some of the features of the resort, that she says has the potential to become a VIP magnet.

Some of these features include the 26 suites and 20 villas, that go for between $2,050 to $$5,300 per night for the suites, and $10,000 to $22,000 for the villas; state-of-the-art accessories, including a mirror that turns into a television set or a plain glass; and its golf course, restaurants and high quality mahogany furniture.

The article also features the resort’s owners: Irish billionaire Dermot Desmond, who owns the internationally acclaimed Sandy Lane Hotel in Barbados, and Swiss-Italian banker Antonio Saladino, who has been involved in development on the island for a number of years.

According to the article, last year December’s grand opening was delayed, due to construction and technical glitches; however, the article did not say when the new opening would take place.

The article also touched on the 80-berth marina, which it says should be completed in 2015.

SEARCHLIGHT understands that construction on the marina has been halted, however, and sought to confirm this, as well as to learn the new date for the opening of the Pink Sands Club.

Efforts to contact an official at the CCA were futile.

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