March 4, 2014
Batch 37 nurses get ready for MCM simulation

A group of 62 final year student nurses, known collectively as Batch 37, is currently preparing for the annual staging of a mass casualty management (MCM) course, a component of their overall training.{{more}}

The Division of Nursing Education (DNE) has, over the last 20 years, included mass casualty management as an important facet of the overall training course for nurses, making these medical professionals well­rounded individuals, capable of handling a crisis with available resources.

Part of this disaster management course involves training in wireless communications, as during major disruptive events telephone service may not be available, and therefore training in the use of two– way radio is of absolute importance.

Guest lecturer for these activities over the years is Donald De Riggs, director of the Rainbow Radio League Inc (RRL), who said that this year, as in the past, the nurses were fully involved with the training and are now in a better position to use radios during their upcoming MCM event scheduled for mid-year.

For the last 15 years the RRL has provided voluntary service to the DNE, as part of its contribution to national development. This training includes the basics of radio communications, radio etiquette, a practical demonstration of VHF radio and emergency message handling.