Police celebrate sixth anniversary of ‘Pan Against Crime’ in style
February 28, 2014

Police celebrate sixth anniversary of ‘Pan Against Crime’ in style

Police observed the sixth anniversary of their Pan Against Crime programme, with what they said was a successful celebration in Spring Village, on Saturday, February 22, 2014.{{more}}

“The community of Spring Village came alive with melodious steel pan music from Vita Malt Symphonix Steel Orchestra and Potential Steel Orchestra”, a release from the police Public Relations Department said.

“Residents of Spring Village and people who journeyed from neighbouring communities received added entertainment as several youths from the Spring Village Police Youth Club, the Petit Bordel Police Youth Club, and the Chateaubelair Police Youth Club showcased their talent.”

Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Reynold Hadaway, delivering remarks, spoke of the history of Police Youth Clubs in St Vincent and the Grenadines and used the opportunity to laud ex-Inspector of Police Arden Tannis and ex-Superintendent of Police Bertram Cumberbatch for the efforts that they made in establishing clubs in Barrouallie and Calliaqua, respectively.

“Commendations are in order for these pioneers of our PYC’s,” said DCP Hadaway. He also commended Sergeant Cecile Mc Master, the current national coordinator of Police Youth Clubs for the role that she has played in being the steward of the organization since November 2011.

DCP Hadaway said the RSVGPF, in its efforts to ensure continuity, a few weeks ago appointed Cpl Loraine John to the post of deputy coordinator of Police Youth Clubs. John had served as coordinator for the Rose Hall PYC.

DCP Hadaway, who originates from Spring Village, described himself as a “son of the soil.” He said: “As we aim to assist in the holistic development of the nation’s youths in collaboration with the National Commission on Crime Prevention (NCCP), social organisations and Government institutions, it is our hope that as we strive to make a positive impact in their lives through sporting disciplines, training, cultural and educational activities that they will realize their true potentials, thereby allowing them to live purposeful, productive and crime free lives.”

According to DCP Hadaway, the stigma and negative impact that crime has on individuals and the society alike is known to all. Against this backdrop, he said every effort must be made to ensure that youths do not embrace a life of criminality.

“Every individual that we steer away from criminal activities is one individual less to prosecute, it’s one crime less to investigate. This is our ultimate objective,” said DCP Hadaway.

He said through the Pan Against Crime programme and the PYC over 3,000 lives have been directly impacted. He added that many members have gone a stage further and have now joined the ranks of the RSVGPF, and there are many more in-waiting.

“They must have seen something good during their time as members of these programmes.”

DCP Hadaway said in 2012 PC Howard stationed at the Spring Village Police Station, held discussions with the national coordinator, and consequently the Spring Village PYC held its first meeting at the Spring Village Methodist School. As this club gained prominence, Cpl O’Garro was appointed coordinator, with PC Howard fulfilling the role of deputy coordinator.

PC Howard, now stationed at the Vermont Police Station, has started a PYC in that community. The Spring Village Police Youth Club is the 25th PYC launched in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Remarks were also delivered at the ceremony by Dr Jerrol Thompson.

Representatives of the RSVG Police Force, National Commission on Crime Prevention, the Youlou Pan Movement and the Government also attended the event.