February 28, 2014
Digicel offering vehicle tracking service

Digicel St Vincent Limited, through one of its many business solutions, is offering persons with several vehicles, the means to track them with the Digicel Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management solution.{{more}}

Digicel has forged a number of partnerships and one of these partnerships now allows local companies to track their vehicles using one of the most advanced technological platforms that is operated and controlled simply by connecting to the Internet, the company said in a release.

Business Solutions Sales executive at Digicel Diana Caesar explains that the Digicel Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management solution requires no software installation in your office but works by allowing each vehicle unit to receive GPS signals that calculate exact locations.

In addition to location, one can know speed, operating times and lots of other factors that affect performance.

“This is a fantastic product for companies who want to manage a fleet of vehicles,” says Caesar, “You can manage a driver’s behaviour and therefore control cost in relation to how you budget for fuel maintenance and other things as it relates to your vehicles.”

Backing up this statement, Digicel’s Sales manager Fanta Williams said that in these modern times, it is important to effectively manage all aspects of your business and Digicel is here to help you do this in the most cost effective and least complicated manner.

“Our vehicle tracking allows you to do many things; you might want your drivers to drive a certain way… you might want to show that you are a good corporate citizen by maintaining driver behaviour or you might just want to manage customer response time. Digicel tracking can help you do that,” says Williams.

She adds that oftentimes, a business operator with vehicles in the field has to call to find out where a vehicle is. “With this tracking service all this changes, so instead of calling all the vehicles, you can just track it and by being able to do this you can do a lot of things, including responding to customer needs by being able to quickly pick the best located vehicle to do, let’s say a delivery or pick up”.

Adds Williams: “This allows you to effectively manage your vehicles and it works on our wireless network, which has over 99 percent coverage”.

She further reveals that the system works along with the new and improved Google Maps, “which now give a high level of granularity than ever before, so you can track your vehicle to an exact spot.

“Just call our head office for answers to any questions you may have… any company with vehicles on the road can benefit from having all of the information that Digicel’s Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management solution provides,” says Williams.