Digicel delivers relief aid to over 80 persons
February 28, 2014

Digicel delivers relief aid to over 80 persons

Digicel continued its humanitarian efforts last Saturday, February 22nd, with the distribution of food supplies to persons living over the Dry River who were affected by the Christmas Eve floods.{{more}}

In addition to giving foodstuff to affected persons, the Digicel team, led by country manager Sean Latty and assisted by staff nurse at the Sandy Bay Clinic Laura Alfred, also handed out food supplies to the elderly and shut-ins on the Windward side.

Latty said that Digicel always looks for ways in which it can help the communities in which it operates. He stressed that it is good when staff members can take time out of their day-off to visit and assist persons in the community.

“We realize that a number of persons still need help after the devastating floods that passed last Christmas, so we just wanted to come out today to hand out supplies and send the message that we have not forgotten about the less fortunate and elderly persons”, said Latty who added that some of the elderly persons have contributed to nation building in one way or the other.

This latest effort by Digicel to help persons get back on their feet is part of an extensive distribution of items by the telecommunications company. Over 80 persons benefitted from last Saturday’s initiative.

Office administrator at Digicel Michelle Thomas said that as early as Boxing Day 2013, less than two days after floods ravaged parts of the country, Digicel employees were on the ground making contributions of food, water, credit and other items.

On Friday, January 3rd, Digicel also donated approximately EC$5,000 in foodstuff to the St Vincent and the Grenadines Red Cross Association.

Marketing manager at Digicel Juno DeRoche said that Digicel will continue to make contributions to the recovery process as time goes by.

“We are always happy to be able to help in times of need and we will do everything in our power to help”, said DeRoche.

The company is also the buyer of over EC$800,000 in mattresses, stoves and refrigerators that are being handed out to persons who lost these items in the floods.

Last Monday, DeRoche and her marketing team journeyed to Georgetown, Sandy Bay, Owia and Fancy, where they assisted with the distribution of the mattresses, stoves and refrigerators that was being carried out by the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO).