February 25, 2014

Proven again to be best IVF clinic in the Caribbean

Tue Feb 25, 2014

Barbados Fertility Centre (BFC) has AGAIN been awarded the Gold Seal of approval from the Joint Commission International, after continuing to excel in the highest standards of patient care. This is the third time that BFC has achieved this prestigious award!{{more}}

Joint Commission International (JCI) is the US health facility accreditation programme that sets stringent health care standards across the world, to give patients assurance that medical establishments have undergone vigorous testing so that patients can rest assured in the high standard of treatment they will receive.

BFC is now listed under the very elite group of clinics worldwide because it has such high standards of patient care. This is excellent news for the Caribbean as BFC continues to boost medical tourism and maintains its position as the leading medical tourism facility in Barbados. With the JCI gold seal, this assures patients that the quality of care they will receive when deciding on BFC for IVF treatment is world-class and simply the best patient care they can receive anywhere in the world.

The accreditation process is considered by BFC to be essential in improving the quality of care given to patients, and by investing in new and improved quality measurement systems, resources and staff training it is providing the best treatment for continued high success rates in IVF cycles. These quality standards also ensure continuous improvement with the continual monitoring. With this constant improvement, BFC pledges its commitment to remain current in every possible area that could improve the service it offers to both the Barbadian public and to the world.

Since opening in 2002, it has, year on year, increased the number of couples conceiving through the creation of a stress reduced environment for couples under -going IVF treatment.

BFC is one of the first IVF units in the world to offer a combination of medical tradition and a holistic approach by treating couples both mentally and physically at their on-site wellness centre – The Life Wellness Centre.

Couples who choose to undergo the Healthy Mind and Body programme can benefit from massage, reflexology, acupuncture, nutrition advice and counselling to cope with the whole IVF procedure. BFC believes that its approach of allowing couples to de-stress whilst undergoing treatment is why it is so successful. All of this, combined with accreditation to ensure the quality of patient care, can only mean constant improvement in the service that it provides.

Success rates at Barbados Fertility Centre

Dr Juliet Skinner, Head Clinician at BFC said, “We believe our high clinical and laboratory standards, our commitment to JCI accreditation , the relaxing environment of our beautiful island and our on site Spa contribute to our high success rates – of which we are very proud. This unique high combination is helping couples get pregnant. We encourage anyone how has been struggling to conceive to please call us as our success is proven and we can help you have the family you desire. ”

BFC saw brilliant success rates in 2013 with their excellent donor egg programme, where they saw a pregnancy rate of 73%. And with continued improvement in their cutting edge medical procedures, they are seeing an impressive 50% pregnancy rate using frozen embryos.

Couples from Barbados, the Caribbean, USA, UK, Canada and other European countries are now proud parents after successful treatment at BFC. Anybody who has tried to conceive for 12 months without achieving a pregnancy should seek medical intervention. For further information on the work of BFC please log on to or call for a confidential free consultations with one of our IVF nurse coordinators 435 7467, or you can email them – If you would like further information on the accreditation process then please log on to