February 25, 2014
National Parks, Rivers and Beaches Authority launches website

The official website of the National Parks, Rivers and Beaches Authority was officially launched last Friday.{{more}}

It has been the goal to have an official website for the National Parks, said Nicholas Harris, Australian volunteer and the one charged with putting together the official page.

“We realized that it is necessary to have a strong online presence,” Harris said.

He explained that there was already an online presence via social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter; now, there was a website to compliment those.

The website will now be used as a platform to showcase the work being done by the National Parks Authority and to provide information.

“It is also an education forum for the National Parks Authority and it’s important to have transparency – there are many projects and facets of what National Parks does,” Harris said.

“The website will continue to grow overtime and become a valuable source of information about the beautiful environment in St Vincent and the Grenadines,” he continued.

There are four main features to the website: visitors sites, ongoing projects, information about conservation and information about the national parks.

The site provides information for all, but features information specifically for potential visitors to the island. (DD)