Vincy mas 2014 to come early for LIME
February 21, 2014

Vincy mas 2014 to come early for LIME

Carnival will be starting early this year through an initiative of telecommunications provider LIME, as the company is set to launch its 2014 Vincy Mas campaign in April.{{more}}

The launch will be in sync with the company’s preparation to unveil its 4G network in St Vincent and the Grenadines, and will be dubbed “LIME 4G Carnival.”

“We made our announcement that LIME will be launching our 4G in April, so you can expect a number of 4G related activities or ‘apps’, that would help to drive and support the awareness of carnival during the course of 2014,” Leslie Jack, LIME general manager said.

“So, beginning in April, we will start driving our awareness campaigns; we will have T-shirts available for the Monday bands, we will have a load of tickets available for the shows that we will be sponsoring as well, and persons will hear more about the different activities that we will have for carnival that they could take advantage of.”

Jack said that LIME patrons will also be receiving discounted services throughout the season, and he believes that the early events would help to drive the awareness of and support for this year’s festivities, slated to run from June 28 to July 7, with the official CDC launch on May 3.

“Hopefully we will see a lot more persons moving into the shows and activities and committing to purchasing tickets much earlier than usual during the course of this approach,” he added.

The general manager said that the company will be making provisions for persons eager to jump on the 4G bandwagon, but are not yet 4G compatible.

“We will have a plan available for you to upgrade your handset. So, persons who are not 4G compatible, don’t worry yourself, get ready to be LIME 4G. We will have offers available just for you to upgrade. If you are on the other networks … get online, not just because of 4G, but because we have the cheapest rate, anywhere, anytime, any network.”

Jack and chief executive officer of the Carnival Development Corporation Ashford Wood on Tuesday signed a two-year contract to renew the organizations’ partnership in Vincy Mas.