February 21, 2014
Vincentian diaspora donates to Lions Club

The Vincentian community in Canada continues to show its solidarity with persons affected by the 2013 Christmas floods.{{more}}

One of the latest efforts was a Relief Concert held at the SVG Lounge in Toronto, on 18th January 2014. It was organised by Canada-based Vin Abbott, Kenny Sylvester, and Jim Lewis, and Caribbean entertainers in Toronto, in collaboration with Leroy “Ball-O-Fire” Brown of SVG Lounge (formerly Latin Sensation).

The featured artistes included Lorenzo “LA Knights”, Jamaican artiste Soul J. Marie with her latest hit “Love is a Wonder”, Gideon James from the band TOUCH, and Ricky Bowman, among others.

The effort realized a sum of CAN$2,024.15, plus US40.00. The money was donated to the Lions Club of Kingstown-SVG to assist with the continuation of the relief efforts which the club had started since December 2013. President LaTeisha Sandy, along with secretary Andrea James and Lion Sylvia DeFreitas received the donation on behalf of the club.

The Lions club of Kingstown-SVG has expressed its heartfelt gratitude to the organizers Vin Abbott, Kenny Sylvester, and Jim Lewis for this initiative and says it is especially grateful to all the featured artistes, DJ’s and the Vincentian, and non-Vincentian populace in Toronto for coming out to support such a worthy cause. It has also expressed thanks to NBC Radio, Nice Radio and other radio stations in SVG for helping with the promotion of the event.