February 21, 2014
UK group to donate £2,500 worth of supplies

A United Kingdom based group has joined the fund-raising efforts on behalf of the local Chrstmas Eve flood victims, and the group is sending approximately £2,500 worth of much needed items to be distributed to persons still recovering from the disaster.{{more}}

On February 1, the Caribbean People Association (CPA) in the United Kingdom, hosted a concert that showcased Caribbean talent, in an effort to raise funds to help persons in this country.

“Our plan is to send a container filled with items that people need and have them distributed,” a release from the group said.

A variety of artistes came together to make the showcase a success. These artistes included comedians, Ping Wing, popular soca and reggae performers including the well known reggae artiste Yvonne Francis, and Vincentian musician Ken Wiseman.

Deputy High Commissioner Doris Charles also showcased her talent as a poet and songstress.

CPA is a recently formed association that consists of Caribbean people in the UK who wish to give back to their countries in times of need.

A release from the group stated that they “see a need for a group such as this and care about what happens to our people in the Caribbean”.

Having come together only recently, this fund-raiser was the group’s first initiative. However, it is their hope that more humanitarian initiatives such as this one, will be carried out in the future.

“We will work with various organisations within each country and ask to join them at a local level. We aim to work with local charity organisations so we can have a presence on the ground and help people on an ongoing basis,” the release stated.

Group member David DaSilva told SEARCHLIGHT that with God’s help, group activities will be fruitful.

“The association will be working with various islands to help in whatever way possible. We will work because we all have the same goal and we are a group that will do what we say we are going to do. Many other organisations spend time talking and nothing much really gets done – but we intend to be an association of Integrity,” he said.