February 18, 2014
RRL teams up with BSS to build outdoor noticeboard, scoreboard

February 15 marked the completion of a small project, turning an unused chalk board into a bulletin board and scoreboard for the Buccament Bay Secondary School.{{more}} The project is the brainchild of principal Kay Martin-Jack who approached Don De Riggs of the Rainbow Radio League Inc with the idea of converting the unused chalkboard into something useful.

De Riggs contacted Leslie Edwards, a technical director from the Rainbow Radio League, and following a site visit, was able to provide an estimate for the materials required to erect the notice board close to the hard court. With help from two students and a teacher, the project was completed over two weekends, as the work was done voluntarily.

Providing galvanize free of cost for this project was East Caribbean Metals, while the other materials were purchased with school funds. The principal, staff and students thank all who contributed to the successful completion of project.

The Buccament Bay Secondary School is the current champion of the secondary schools girls basketball competition. It is hoped that the school will eventually have its own electronic scoreboard.