February 18, 2014

Pan Against Crime programme to mark sixth anniversary

The Pan Against Crime Programme celebrates its sixth anniversary on February 20, 2014.{{more}}

The Pan Against Crime Committee will mark the occasion with a grand concert at Spring Village, during which the Spring Village Police Youth Club will be officially launched.

Several youths from the Chateaubelair, Petit Bordel and Spring Village Police Youth Clubs will display their talent in song, dance, and drama. The Police Band, Potential and Vita Malt Symphonix Steel Orchestras will provide music.

Representatives from the RSVG Police Force, National Commission on Crime Prevention, the Youlou Pan Movement and the Government are expected to present addresses at the concert.

The Pan Against Crime Program has established twelve (12) steel bands in communities and schools throughout St Vincent and the Grenadines which have resulted in over 3,000 youths being trained in art of playing pan, and given guidance on avoiding delinquency and criminal activities.

The sixth anniversary concert and launch of Youth Club will be held this Saturday, February 22nd at 4 p.m. at the Spring Village playing field.