February 18, 2014
Layou man loses four fingers during cutlass attack

When Delano “Smokes” Patrick woke up Saturday morning, he never imagined it was the last day he would see four of his fingers.{{more}}

Patrick, a 23-year-old resident of Layou, has been a patient at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital since Saturday, after he was admitted with several chops about his body, one of which claimed four fingers on his left hand.

According to police reports, Vivian “Baje” Gibbs is in custody, for allegedly inflicting the chop wounds on Patrick.

When SEARCHLIGHT spoke with Patrick, he explained that he and Gibbs had an argument a little after 7 a.m. on Saturday, after he heard that Gibbs was saying things about him.

“I go and ask him what he calling up my name for and he give me a whole set ah stupid talk. So, he fire two bottle after me and me fire back after he,” the 23-year-old said.

Patrick, who indicated that he was friends with Gibbs before the incident, revealed that he was washing clothes at the community bath when a girlfriend came to tell him that Gibbs was talking about what he would do to him (Patrick).

“Me na watch them talk dey still na. When me reach home back, hanging out the clothes and them, me just feel something lash me on me shoulder. When me turn round now, me just see the man ah try chop me in me face, so me have to put up me two hand and block the cutlass. He end up and chop off my four finger them,” the right-hander told SEARCHLIGHT.

Patrick further explained that at first, he was not aware that his fingers had been chopped off and ran away from the scene. He added that he noticed a lot of blood and then saw that his fingers were missing.

He said one of his neighbours helped to bandage his hand and took him to the police station.

Having been left with only his left thumb, Patrick struggled to find words to explain how he felt about his missing digits. However, the strong young man is positive that his injuries will not deter him.

“Me ain’t even know what to say. I feel bad a little. Feel sorry I lose my four finger them,” Patrick, who makes a living from fishing, said.

He stated that he will be doing surgery on his left hand on Thursday.

The Layou resident is also grateful to his family and friends who have been visiting him while he is staying in the hospital.