February 18, 2014
Bigger things in pipeline for North Leeward woman

The young woman from North Leeward with a hereditary skin condition is expected to receive further treatment since her ailment has worsened following the December flooding.{{more}}

A source close to the matter told SEARCHLIGHT that the Rose Bank resident Samesha Francois, was diagnosed with a genetic skin condition since she was two years old, and that it had flared up and receded throughout her 21 years.

The source said that the girl’s condition was exacerbated by the Christmas disaster, after her home was flooded.

After an initial visit in early January, the source said that Francois was visited by medical experts, including a dermatologist, over the past month, who provided her and her family with treatment and other assistance. The source said that Francois was given special medication, since her body had built up a resistance to regular medication.

The source indicated that Francois will continue to get care and assistance for her ailment, and that bigger things are in the pipeline for the young woman and her family.