February 14, 2014
Mothers scared for sons’ lives

Laura Bowens and Nerissa James, the mothers of the two young men – Dorcy Nicholls and Kenville Lockhart – who were shot in the Glen area last Friday, say that they are concerned for their sons’ safety.{{more}}

Speaking to SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday, both women shared similar comments saying that although their sons had made a full recovery, they are worried that the perpetrator(s) may return once they (Nicholls and Lockhart) were back on the street.

Bowens, the mother of Nicholls, said that she is scared. She would like to have the individual(s) who committed the act against her son caught to ensure her son’s safety.

According to Bowens, rumours had been circulating that the shooting was an act of revenge.

“I don’t know what kind of revenge – I just keeping up the faith and hold up my son faith too,” she said.

“But I doh like it. I feel I should get more justice about the situation, because he could have died,” Bowens continued.

James, the mother of Lockhart, explained that she saw the fear on her son’s face. She believed that he was scared to go back out.

“Even though he doh admit it to me, ah could see he fearful; but God is good,” she said.

James said that she was leaving everything to God’s hands.

“We doh have to take any revenge or look for anybody to say you shot my son.”

She explained that based on what the doctors told her, her son’s condition was the worse of the two.

She said the doctors told her that her son’s heart stopped twice; the first time, as he was being taken into the hospital and the second time, during the emergency surgery.

Lockhart sustained a punctured lung and the bullet pierced his right kidney and a section of his liver.

However, from all indications, James said that her son was expected to make it.

“They did not mention if he would require further medical attention abroad; they said he was lucky; but I said he is not lucky, he is blessed,” James told SEARCHLIGHT.

Bowens said that her son was shot in the chest and according to the woman, the bullet travelled close to his heart.

Meanwhile, Lockhart said that he was feeling a little discomfort, but that he was not going to let that bother him.

“All I could do is ask the Most High for health and strength; it could have been worse,” the young man said.

Both men were shot while they were at a shop in Glen by an unknown assailant.

Up to press time, the police said that they were yet to arrest anyone in connection with the incident. The investigation is ongoing. (DD)