February 14, 2014
DPP drops Calvin ‘Gold Teeth’ Glasgow from Prosecutor’s role

Inspector Calvin “Gold Teeth” Glasgow no longer has the authority to prosecute any further matters for the Director of Public Prosecutions.{{more}}

This was confirmed to SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday by Director of Public Prosecutions Colin Williams.

The DPP, who did not go into much details about the reason behind the decision, stated that Glasgow will not prosecute or represent the state or the Commissioner of Police in any matter.

“I have written to the Commissioner of Police stating that Glasgow has no authority to prosecute any matter for me again,” Williams said.

The DPP explained that he has the discretion and that he is entitled under the constitution to authorize anyone to prosecute.

“I can say who I want to prosecute and authorize anybody to do so,” Williams added.

When contacted, Commissioner of Police, Michael Charles confirmed that he had received a letter from the DPP in respect of Glasgow.

Charles said, in a conversation with the DPP, he (DPP) stated that he had telephoned Glasgow on Monday, requesting information on a matter at the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court, where Glasgow was the prosecutor.

Charles said Glasgow told the DPP that he was eating and would get back to him.

Up to press time, Glasgow had not returned the DPP’s call.

“Up to this minute, he has not called the DPP. The DPP is an independent subject of the constitution of St Vincent and the Grenadines,” Charles stated.

That same Monday, a reporter from SEARCHLIGHT had contacted the DPP on the same matter and at the time, the reporter was told by the DPP that he was not fully aware of the facts of the matter, and was told to contact Glasgow at the Georgetown Police Station.

The reporter was told to inform Glasgow that it was the DPP who gave instructions to contact him (Glasgow) in regard to information on the matter, which was heard in open court.

When the reporter contacted Glasgow, he stated that he had nothing to tell the press.

Furthermore, the Commissioner said it is an “open door” policy when it comes to the media.

“If the Commissioner said that in a press conference, then it is so. It means that if the officer is not sure about certain things, he can ask the reporter to speak with the Commissioner or Public Relations. If they didn’t do that and blatantly disrespect the media, I will be upset,” Charles told SEARCHLIGHT.

According to the Commissioner, if the DPP gives instructions and we refuse it, then something is wrong.

“If up to today he (Glasgow) didn’t get back to the DPP, then that is a really big lunch he is having,” Charles said.

On January 22, Glasgow was held in contempt of court by Chief Magistrate Sonya Young after admitting to sucking his teeth in court.

He was fined $200.

“From him admitting his insolence to the Chief Magistrate as a senior police officer, I will not be surprised of anything that he does,” Charles stated.

Asked if disciplinary action could be brought against Glasgow, Charles explained that issues of a disciplinary nature from the rank of Station Sergeant to Commissioner are dealt with by the Police Service Commission.(KW)