February 11, 2014
SVG receives computers from Turkey

More than 30 computers and associated accessories were yesterday handed over to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade, Commerce and Information Technology by the government of the Republic of Turkey.{{more}}

At a brief ceremony at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs conference room, Tansal Akcayli, Honorary Consul of the Republic of Turkey, officially presented Foreign Affairs Minister Senator Camillo Gonsalves with 30 desktops, six laptops, five printers, one photocopier, a flat screen television, as well as a number of cartridges, toners and memory drives, for use across government ministries.

Akcayli said that the contribution is part of his country’s thrust to deepen and strengthen relations between Turkey and St Vincent and the Grenadines, which were established in 2008, with a visit to that country by Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves.

“Prime Minister Gonsalves was the first prime minister to visit Turkey from the Caribbean since Fidel Castro in the 1960s, and since then gave birth to many things, such as students visiting Turkey, not only (from) St Vincent, but other islands….

“I’m very pleased to hand over the computers to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the greater improvement of our relationships…” Akcayli said.

There are currently five Vincentian students on scholarships studying in Turkey.

Minister Gonsalves, speaking at the ceremony, thanked the Consul for the equipment, which he indicated would be spread across the government.

Gonsalves said that the donation came at an opportune time, since Information Technology has been added to the ministry’s mandate. He vowed that his ministry would make good use of the supplies.

“We feel that we are well placed to receive this technology and to supervise its disbursement.

“This is a very useful addition to our own attempt to be more efficient, to be swifter and to utilize technology to maximize the impact of the Government.”

Gonsalves used the opportunity to also thank the government of Turkey for an initial contribution of US $40,000, towards relief and recovery efforts following the Christmas disaster.

He also highlighted the country’s contribution to the construction of the Argyle international aairport, and its role in the development of least developed countries and Small Island Developing States.

“They have recognized their importance in the world and the role that they play as a developing country and an emerging economy in assisting other developing countries, no matter where they are located, and we have found common cause with Turkey on a number of issues,” Gonsalves said.

“We have supported them on their previous Security Council aspirations…. “We support them in their future aspirations to once again serve on the Security Council and we support them in their efforts whenever they engage in constructive diplomacy….

“This is a government in which we recognize the good that they are doing and they recognize the good that we are doing, and this gift of computers, in addition to the US $40,000, is simply one more step on the road of building and strengthening these relationships and it’s just one more indication of the depth of feelings that exists between the governments and prime ministers of our two countries,” Gonsalves said.