February 4, 2014
Suspect in last week’s daylight robbery in custody – Police

Police say they have in custody, an individual who they believe was responsible for last week’s daylight robbery in Kingstown.{{more}}

At approximately 3:45 last Thursday afternoon an employee of the St Hill Insurance Company on Grenville Street, was relieved of a bag containing cash and cheques, as he was en route to make a deposit at the RBTT Bank on South River Road.

A source informed SEARCHLIGHT that as the employee crossed the street outside of his building, accompanied by his young daughter, he was approached from behind by a masked man who fired off two shots from a handgun, grabbed the bag containing the money, and then fled the scene.

One of the bullets reportedly hit the Bank of St Vincent and the Grenadines building across the street, narrowly missing a vendor and other pedestrians in the process.

The employee was not injured during the incident.

A senior executive at St Hill Insurance told SEARCHLIGHT that the company intends to adapt safety measures to ensure that a similar occurrence does not take place in the future, stating that the company’s immediate priorities are the safety of its employees, and the security of its clients’ investments.