Youth wanted to attend Edna Manley School of Performing Arts in Jamaica
January 31, 2014

Youth wanted to attend Edna Manley School of Performing Arts in Jamaica

Former Minister Counsellor at the Embassy of St Vincent and the Grenadines to the United States Fitz Bramble, has to switch from preparing his son for Music School to making arrangements to bury him.{{more}}

FitzAllan “Wizzy” Bramble was shot and killed in his home village, Sion Hill, on Monday night.

The older Bramble spoke with Searchlight about his loss.

Q: How did you hear about the death of Wizzy and what was your first reaction?

Bramble: I was in the gym working out when I got a text message from a family member asking me if I had heard Wizzy got shot? My first reaction was what!!!? I felt like a time bomb just exploded.

Q. When was the last time you spoke to him and what was the nature of the conversation?

Bramble: I spoke with him earlier this month. We talked at length about plans for him to attend the Edna Manley School of Performing Arts in Jamaica. He wanted to follow in the footsteps of his good friend Rodney Small (Musician extraordinaire who graduated from this school).

Q. How would you describe his personality?

Bramble: He was a very polite, mannerly and respectful and proud child who grew into a fearless proponent of equality and justice for all. He was intelligently outspoken and loved life and nature.

Q. You have posted photographs of you and Wizzy on facebook playing football together, what were your best experiences together on the football field.

Bramble (goal-keeper): I was very privilleged to have played soccer together with him for one of the top soccer clubs in Suriname, Excelsior Football Club. My best moment was when he scored his first goal. I ran to the middle of the field, hugged him and said: “you have to play for Team SVG”.

Q. What did you think of his efforts to become a performing artiste and what were his goals in this area?

Bramble: He always endeavored to be a top singer/rapper. He displayed this talent and inclination at a very early age when he was a student at the St Vincent Grammar school. He would often reminisce on those days when he and Skinny Fabulous (current National Soca Monarch) would do freestyle “battles”. He would say ‘Daddy, Skinny and dem couldn’t test me anah’. He idolized Tupac Shakur. He would have soared to the top of the performing arts and I believe he would have emerged as a top performing arts Ambassador for SVG.

Q. What have you been hearing about the circumstances surrounding his death?

Bramble: I have received sketchy reports that he was shot multiple times by several masked gunmen at a shop in his village of birth and residence, Sion Hill.

Q. What would you say to his friends and acquaintances at this time of sorrow?

Bramble: My sentiments would be: ‘Be true to yourselves; believe in and pursue your dreams; love life and fear God.’ Those qualities epitomised my first born son, FitzAllan Decoudrey “Wizzy” Bramble.

Q. Will you be in St. Vincent for the funeral?

Bramble: Yes, I plan to be home to celebrate Wizzy’s life with family and friends.

Q. Anything to add?

Bramble: I wish to add that he passionately begged me, on a continuous basis, “Daddy, come home and run the country.” I must say that his death has heightened my desire and ambition to serve my Vincentian people at the level of Parliamentary Representation. I will continue to seek the guidance and direction of my God and Father God Almighty on this matter.