Friends reflect on artiste musical dreams
January 31, 2014

Friends reflect on artiste musical dreams

Although the name was more synonymous with run-ins with authorities and criminal capers, two of this country’s top names in the entertainment industry say they saw positive changes in Fitz-Allan Bramble.{{more}}

Radio personality Joel “DJ Fugi” Bibby and up and coming pan maestro Rodney Small told SEARCHLIGHT that Bramble, popularly known as “Wizzy,” had made the conscious decision over the last months, to turn his life around and pursue a musical career for which he was also highly regarded.

Bramble was shot and killed on Monday night when gunmen entered the shop in which he was a patron, and opened fire on him.

Another individual was wounded in a hail of gunfire in another establishment adjacent to where Bramble was assaulted.

Bibby told SEARCHLIGHT that he spoke to the dead dancehall and rap artiste in Sion Hill less than an hour before the shooting, and he (Bramble) was in an upbeat and positive mood.

“We were there just talking about life in general… and he told me that he was in studio working on some stuff and as soon as they come out he would link me so I can give him some vibes.

“When I was leaving he said to me ‘Life rough and tough, but God is good. Bless up. guidance, get home safe.

“When I got home and I was downloading some stuff and it was just about five minutes after I got home I got the call.

Bibby said that he remembers Bramble who, at one time, went under the stage name “lil Terror,” during their ‘Grammar School days.’

He said that ‘Terror’ was the person whose name was called before the likes of Skinny Fabulous, Icon and others.

The two became close once again late last year during the Beenie Man concert where Bramble expressed his desire to return to a musical career.

“He was dedicated to it. The change. It was evident. He was more humble and the humility was seen. He even talked about returning to school and furthering his studies,” Bibby explained.

“I am just saddened.”

Small, who considered Bramble a brother, said he believed if given the chance, his friend would have attained his true potential.

He said the 30 year-old neighbour was his greatest fan and they inspired each other to excel musically.

“When I returned from Jamaica and he saw the strides that I was making as a musician and he sat down and looked at where he was coming from musically. He said to me ‘Rodney is there any way that you can help… Rodney I promise that I would not fail you.’“

“We took it from there and built a musical chemistry… and in spite of what people knew him as, he was an artiste and a musician and was passionate about performing.”

Small said that he worked along with Bramble in an effort to change his image, and Bramble was one of Small’s biggest supporters as he prepared for Steel Expressions in December.

Small revealed that up to the time of his death, Bramble was in the process of writing a book and producing a mixed-tape album.

The grieving musician said that at Bramble’s funeral he intends to release a song that the performer had recently completed at Megga Watts Studios.

“He said that if he ever passed on before me, he wanted the world to hear this song.”

According to Small, the slain artiste had begun attending church, and would challenge Small’s mother at bible verses.

He confirmed that Bramble had intentions of returning to school to further his studies, and as of recently, Bramble wanted to organize a peace rally.

“He actually cried and said to me he want to go back to college and change a lot of lives in Sion Hill.

“He said to me that ‘every morning I wake up and put on my college uniform, other youth on the block would say if Wizzy could do it, I could do it also.’”

Small said that with Bramble’s passing, there are a lot of things that people would not have the privilege of experiencing from the changed individual whom he interacted with over those past months, but this is as a result of the choices and the path that his close friend chose to take.

“He would not want me to be sad. He would not want me to be mad. He would want me to forgive, because I believe that he forgave them as well.

“Forgiveness is granted.”