January 28, 2014
Traffic police, civilian battle each other at Arnos Vale

A video posted on popular social network site, Facebook, showing a brawl between a police officer and a van driver has gone viral, even as the incident landed the van driver before the magistrate’s court yesterday.{{more}}

Up to press time, the video which shows the scuffle between Police Constable 806 Chet Solomon of Barrouallie and Eliyet Guy of Calder, had been shared by over 825 people.

The video, which was reportedly filmed by a college student just above the E.T. Joshua Airport around midday on January 24, shows the officer holding on to Guy’s shirt, just before Guy grabbed the officer by his shirt.

Guy, could be heard in the video saying, “boy, let go my shirt.”

The video footage also shows Solomon pulling his handcuffs from his waist and attempting to place it around the hands of Guy.

Further in the video, Solomon is seen pushing Guy in the direction of the airport, as a large crowd started to gather.

As the officer continued moving towards the airport, Guy is again seen grabbing the officer’s shirt, at which time, the officer struck Guy on his head with his police helmet.

Guy then began firing punches at the officer, resulting in both of them falling to the ground.

It is still, however, unclear how the fight began.

Guy was later arrested, and taken to the Kingstown Magistrates Court yesterday where he pleaded not guilty to six charges.

He was charged with damaging a police shirt, whistle chain, buttons and a Haynes T-shirt, the property of Solomon.

He was also charged with assault, resisting arrest, making use of indecent language, obstruction of traffic and stopping minibus HB158 in a place other than a bus stop.

The matters have been adjourned to February 10 for trial.

Meanwhile, Guy visited SEARCHLIGHT yesterday and accused the police officer of assaulting him.

He said after the incident, he was beaten and kicked about his body by police officers.

A similar incident took place on September 23, 2013, just outside the Magistrates Court where blows were exchanged between Redemption Sharpes resident, Raffique Samuel and a police officer.