January 28, 2014
Rotary Club donates supplies to MCMH

Fresh on the heels of their successful Rotary Village Doctor visits to communities affected by the Christmas rains and floods, the Rotary Club of St Vincent has made a donation of supplies to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital.{{more}}

The club, in partnership with Rotary and Lions Clubs in the British Virgin Islands, as well as the local Red Cross Association handed over supplies to the hospital last week Friday, at a brief ceremony on the hospital grounds.

Earl Tash, president of the Rotary Club of St Vincent said his organization was pleased to hand over the items to the hospital, which he acknowledged was in dire need of supplies, after the facility was flooded during the rains on Christmas Eve and Christmas day.

“The Rotary Club is always happy to be associated with these types of contributions, and I know that obviously they are most needed in this time…”

Receiving the supplies on behalf of the hospital was Jennifer Cruickshank, supervisor of the housekeeping department.

Cruickshank thanked Tash for the donations, and said that the items donated would go a long way to serve the needs of the patients.

“We just want to thank the Rotary Club for such a tangible contribution and we do appreciate what you have presented to us… and we look forward to your continued support as we are in need of what you have given to us.”

On January 12, the Rotary Club extended its Village Doctor programme to cover people in three communities affected by last year’s flooding.

More than 15 doctors saw over 150 patients, in the Rillan Hill community centre, where people from Buccament were housed, as well as people from the Spring Village and Rose Bank communities.