January 24, 2014
Eustace not relevant to meeting – PM

The Leader of the Opposition, Arnhim Eustace simply had no relevance at the December 28 meeting held between contractors, financiers and the Prime Minister.{{more}}

Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves made the comment on Wednesday on the occasion of the handover of a quantity of flood relief money – proceeds from the National Broadcasting Corporation’s radio-thon.

“What useful role would he have played?” the Prime Minister questioned.

“What useful purpose would he have served? Absolutely none.”

Gonsalves explained that the meeting was a practical exercise between contractors and bankers to see what they would have been able to come up with in the wake of the torrential rains.

So other than the Leader of the Opposition wanting to have some relevance, the Prime Minister said that Eustace had no business being there.

“That meeting was of a different kind,” he said.

The week following the heavy rains which affected sections of the island, Eustace expressed his disappointment over not being invited to attend a meeting which was held on Saturday, December 28.

The meeting was held to map the way forward for the country in the wake of the natural disaster which occurred on Christmas Eve.

“Just imagine people were brought from overseas; there were civil servants, yet the Leader of the Opposition (whose party) won seven out of fifteen seats, was not contacted?” he questioned. (DD)