Charity seeks safe rescue of pup in Kingstown
January 24, 2014

Charity seeks safe rescue of pup in Kingstown

Fri Jan 24, 2014

This past Christmas my wife and I visited St Vincent and were horrified by the terrible damage and tragic loss of life wrought by the storm of Christmas Eve, and went out to see if we could help in any way. That was when we met this homeless pup outside the prison in Kingstown.{{more}} Little more than skin and bone, he was so desperate for something to eat that he was trying to eat whatever rubbish had fallen from the prison waste bin; our poor little pup was literally starving to death on the streets of Kingstown. We had to help; we wanted to do something to rescue our first pup in St Vincent and get him the care and medical attention he so badly needed to survive before finding him a loving, forever home. We had seen a notice in town about the VSPCA (Vincentian Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) offering medical care for pets whose owners, for whatever reason, can’t afford it and contacted them and asked them to rescue this pup.

We offered to pay for the rescue, medical attention and fostering of this pup, hopefully to be followed by others similarly in need. They shared our concern and searched in Kingstown, but sadly were unable to find him. The VSPCA suggested advertising in the press for the safe rescue of our pup and we agreed to offer a $100 cash reward. So far our ads have been unsuccessful, so here is our advertisement again, this time with our story. We care, the VSPCA cares, so please won’t you care and help us find this, our first Vincentian pup, for our charity to rescue? If you see him, please help save his life by calling 532-9327 or 532-8878 and receive the cash reward for his safe rescue with our blessing. Thank you, David and Susan Hearsey, Trustees, Hearsey Animal Rescue Charity, UK.

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