January 17, 2014

SVGPF PR&C department celebrating 15th anniversary

Fri Jan 17, 2014

The Public Relations and Complaints (PR&C) Department of the Royal St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force is celebrating its 15th anniversary.{{more}}

The Department was established on January 4, 1999, under then Commissioner of Police William Harry, now retired. Retired Superintendent of Police Artis Davis was the Department’s first head.

The Public Relations and Complaints Department was established with the main aims being to implement programmes which foster closer links with the public and to improve the relationship between the media and the police.

Officer in charge of the PR&C Department ASP Jonathan Nicholls, while giving God thanks for another anniversary, cites the “On the Beat” radio programme, as one of the Department’s major successes.

Other notable achievements include: assisting in the establishment of (i) Police Youth Clubs throughout St Vincent and the Grenadines (ii) the Pan Against Crime Programme (iii) the Annual Police Co-operative Credit Union Police Carolling Contest and (iv)significant improvement in relations with the media.(Police Public Relations)