Thomas still member of PMC – Chairman
January 10, 2014

Thomas still member of PMC – Chairman

Despite his appointment as a senator of the ruling Unity Labour Party (ULP) government, Jomo Thomas remains a member of the People’s Movement for Change (PMC).{{more}}

This was confirmed by the group’s chairman Oscar Allen, who explained that a member of the PMC can be a member of a political party, but they cannot “demonize” the Opposition.

“So, be a decent politician and member of the PMC,” he said.

The PMC’s chairman further explained that the political behaviour of members was spelled out in a document which states that “each member shall conduct his/her social and political affairs in a manner that does not contradict this core principle of the PMC, and cause political division and personal injury. The PMC shall not and will not accept any exclusive and marginalised politics rather it promises to engage in constructive conversation and activity that unite community around nation and justice building.”

Should a member fail, Allen explained that the executive shall write to the member and then they be given a chance to explain.

They will then be required to give an oral explanation and if this is deemed unsatisfactory, then the member will be asked to write an apology to the affected person on a first offence, and if it happens again, the individual may have their membership withdrawn.

“We have that principle, so people can be a member of a party, but stick to decent politics,” Allen said.(DD)