January 10, 2014
Requests for proposals for airport businesses coming out soon – IADC

Persons interested in setting up businesses at the international airport at Argyle should be on the lookout, as invitations to submit proposals will soon be published.{{more}}

Rudy Matthias, chief executive officer of the International Airport Development Company, said on Monday, December 28, that the IADC is preparing to send out requests for proposals for businesses that want to set up shops in the terminal building.

“We also have a lot of space within the terminal building, because we want the terminal and airport to be as self-sustaining as possible. We shouldn’t have to rely in the long-term on government subsidy.

“We have 7,500 square feet of buildable space in the terminal… and we have that much square footage to allocate to different businesses of all kinds: shops, banks, food and drinks, dry good etc; so please keep your eyes fixed on the local newspapers and even in regional newspapers and our website, because we are going to soon advertise for you to make proposals to us for any shop that you might want to establish within the terminal building,” Matthias said.

The US$28 million terminal building was handed over to the government on December 28, after its construction was completed by the Taiwan based Overseas Engineering and Construction Company.

Matthias said that the building would now be fitted and furnished, and this process is scheduled to take six months.

“So, between January and June we are going to do all of that retrofitting. For the first time I can say in the history of this project, we have the money to do it.”

The CEO said the terminal has three floors, measuring 135,000 square feet, exactly five times the size of the terminal building at the E.T. Joshua airport.

The entire project is expected to be completed by the end of this year.(JJ)