January 10, 2014
Regular police patrols at shelters

Persons who have been forced to occupy emergency shelters as a result of flooding on Christmas Eve are being assured of their security.{{more}}

Acting Commissioner of Police Michael Charles, in an interview with Searchlight on Wednesday, said that regular patrols are being done to ensure that persons housed at the shelters are secure.

Charles, who praised police officers for their work during the floods, especially praised Police Constable 286 Derby, the shelter manager in Buccament, for doing a “marvellous job”.

“He actually went into the Buccament centre on Christmas Eve night and took it on his own to help keep things in order there… He’s doing such a good job there,” Charles added.

While the police are not stationed at the shelters, Charles said regular patrols are being done, both on the Windward and Leeward sides of the island.

According to Charles, the police on the Leeward side are doing the best they can, despite the havoc the flood caused.

He noted that at the Vermont police station, the flooding caused the cover of the septic tank to be dislodged, causing the officers now to have to use portable toilets.

Charles said a great deal of clearing work is still to be done to remove debris that settled there as a result of the floods.(KW)