January 10, 2014
LIME reaches out

Telecommunications provider LIME has joined forces with other local organizations in their efforts to bring relief to those affected by the Christmas disaster.{{more}}

LIME general manager Leslie Jack said that staff had mobilized as early as Christmas morning, and, along with staff of the Mustique Company, distributed water to persons in the Pembroke/ Buccament Bay area.

Less than 24 hours before, the island was ravaged by heavy rains and flooding, caused by a low-lying trough system, destroying homes, disrupting the water supply and claiming lives.

Jack indicated that along with the water distribution to displaced staff members and other residents, LIME staff also teamed up with the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) to hand out care packages, food and other immediate household needs to families relocated to the Buccament Bay Secondary School shelter. LIME has also taken the responsibility to pay three cooks to ensure hot meals are provided to these persons.

Along with the care packages, each family was issued a mobile handset with $50 credit and a fixed line phone will be installed at each location to allow for free local calls. Jack also thanked the management of C.K. Greaves supermarkets for working along with LIME on that day.

“They opened for us on Christmas Day, to allow LIME to purchase items for the distribution. Along with other ways, it was their way of showing that they supported what we were doing,” said Jack.

The LIME manager took the opportunity to express, on behalf of his company, heartfelt condolences to all persons affected by the storm, and said he looked at the situation over the past week as an opportunity to rebuild.

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families that have lost loved ones, possessions etc. It is a tragic time, particularly when we all were hoping to be merry on that day. Clearly the forces of nature had another plan altogether….

“We clearly need to refocus on rebuilding lives and families, because it is out of tragedy or situations of this nature we are able to rise as individuals and become better individuals,” Jack said.