Sometimes I still hear her voice – Samuel
January 7, 2014
Sometimes I still hear her voice – Samuel

Mavis Samuel, sister of missing woman, Shirley Edwards, is still trying to come to terms with the disappearance of her sister.{{more}}

Samuel, a resident of Lowmans Hill, said her sister, 36, is believed to have perished in the floods that were caused by torrential rains on Christmas Eve day, 2013 during a trough system.

It is reported that Edwards, who was occupying a wooden dwelling in Buccament with her common-law husband, Earl Jack, was washed away after the river swept away their small house, leading to Edwards’ disappearance.

Samuel, yesterday, told SEARCHLIGHT that on the same night of the trough system, her sister left Lowmans, bound for Buccament.

She said, Jack, who survived the flood, told her that water from the river lifted up the house and slammed it against a tree.

“I hear that people been calling them out of the house long time, but she come outside and said she ain’t coming out the house,” Samuel told SEARCHLIGHT.

“The house mash in two and he say he grabble (grabbed) Shirley hand and then like the tree drop in the middle and separate them. He say he don’t know where she go,” she related.

Samuel said she has not been able to sleep since her sister went missing.

She added that her sister’s teenage children have not been dealing well with the news of their mother’s disappearance.

“The girl just crying. She cried one time until her eyes were swollen and she wasn’t eating. The boy does be at home just walking up and down.

Samuel said sometimes she still hears the voice of her sister when she comes into her yard at Lowmans Hill.

Up to press time, Edwards’ body had not yet been recovered.(KW)