Work to be ramped up at Argyle airport, beginning this month – PM Gonsalves
January 3, 2014
Work to be ramped up at Argyle airport, beginning this month – PM Gonsalves

Work is expected to be ramped up at the site of the international airport at Argyle in the upcoming months.{{more}}

So said Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves on Monday, during the ceremony to mark the official handover of the terminal building to the Government of St Vincent and the Grenadines.

The Prime Minister indicated that, beginning this month, an additional shift will begin working on the runway, and construction will also begin on a number of buildings, as the largest capital project to be undertaken in the country nears completion.

“Rudy has indicated to me… that in order to make sure that we complete the paving both for the asphalt and the concrete… that we want to do at least another shift per day, so we will double up the work, so that we can complete it within the requisite time, because I am determined for us to complete this and to open this airport, before the end of next year,” Gonsalves stated.

As a result, the Prime Minister said more persons are expected to be hired, and talks are ongoing with Cuban officials with regard to their workers.

Gonsalves also indicated that construction of the control tower, as well as the fire and rescue station, has been contracted to private firms, and is expected to begin this month.

Other buildings still to be constructed include the cargo terminal building and the electrical sub station.

The Prime Minister also indicated that the airfield lighting, access roads and landscaping will also be put in place shortly. Gonsalves said that over the next six months, the recently completed terminal building will be retrofitted, and he thanked those responsible for its construction.

“I have been advised that this building is comparable to the best in the region and better than most. Some people tell me it’s the best; we will know when it starts to function….

“Today is a happy day, we have done well thus far, I want to thank you, the people of St Vincent and the Grenadines for being patient with us…. I want to thank the Taiwanese government. I want to thank OECC, the designers, the consultants….”

Gonsalves received the certificate of completion from Taiwanese Ambassador Weber Shih, who said the building would fly the flag of St Vincent and the Grenadines high.

“The project is again reflecting the effectiveness of cooperation between our two countries.

“I am proud to be a part of this successful project from its beginning to its completion…. It is a big step closer to the realization of the Argyle international airport,” Shih pointed out.

The building was constructed at a cost of US $28 million.(JJ)