Welcome man fatally stabbed
January 3, 2014
Welcome man fatally stabbed

Coming to terms with the reality and circumstances surrounding the death of Adrian Thomas is difficult, his relatives have said.{{more}}

According to police, Thomas, a 39-year-old resident of Welcome, succumbed to the multiple stab wounds he sustained around 2:30 p.m. on Monday, December 30.

Andrea Thomas, sister of the deceased, described her brother as a good guy and one who was loved by many.

“There were a lot of people who and him got along well – he was a free-handed person,” the woman said.

She added that her brother was not a troublesome person.

“He wasn’t one to go and interfere with people and the guy who killed him, we all knew him – my brother knew him,” she said.

According to Andrea, it is being circulated that her brother’s death was caused by an altercation between him and the accused, over a pair of shoes. She explained that her brother saw someone with a pair of shoes which he believed had been stolen from him.

After asking the individual some questions, it is alleged that Adrian discovered that the accused was involved, and according to Andrea, her brother questioned the man.

“It was unfortunate that he (the accused) did him (Adrian) this – to kill my brother,” the sobbing woman said.

“And the manner – he was hanging over the bank like an animal,” she continued.

The deceased man was a sailor who had come home on vacation, his sister explained.

He had been sailing for about 10 years, and was supposed to have already left the state back in November.

Adrian missed his flight, however, and was waiting to be rescheduled, the woman said.

The death of her brother was particularly hard, Andrea said, because nobody was expecting this.

“If you are sick, well people will accept that you are sick and you are going, but it has come as a shock to everybody,” Andrea said.

According to a police report, Urvin Abbott is in police custody and is assisting the police with the investigations. A post mortem examination is expected to be performed on the body to ascertain the cause of death.

Thomas’ murder brings to 27 the number of homicides recorded for 2013 – one less than 2012. (DD)