Questelles Police Youth Club refurbishes home of 88-year-old man
January 3, 2014
Questelles Police Youth Club refurbishes home of 88-year-old man

The festive season got a little merrier for one Questelles resident on Monday, with the refurbishment of his one-bedroom home by the Questelles Police Youth Club.{{more}}

Not a man of many words, 88-year-old Augustus Horne thanked all who helped in refurbishing his small house.

Horne, who said he has been ill for the past six years, told SEARCHLIGHT that his movement is limited and he is glad that he received some help.

“What is presented to me, I [am] glad for it because I can’t purchase it for myself,” he told SEARCHLIGHT.

In addition to his home being beautified, Horne, as well as other persons gathered, received food baskets from the club, at a ceremony at the Questelles Learning Resource Centre.

He also received a brand new stove.

Co-ordinator of the club, Sergeant Meldon James of the Questelles Police Station, said he has a passion for working with the youth and is glad they could assist persons in the community.

He noted that the youths have been working tirelessly, by carrying out a number of activities within the community and stated that their aim is to reduce crime by 40 per cent by this time next year.

He added that their plans are to start three neighbourhood watch groups in the surrounding communities, come January, 2014.

Government senator and lawyer Jomo Thomas, who was also on hand, said he thinks that what the group is doing is an excellent initiative.

“I think this is an initiative that will truly benefit the people of this community and I think the police youth club is well placed to make an impact,” Thomas said.

He said with the initiative such as the police youth club, they may find a reduction in anti-social activity. He noted that he is certain that the club will impact positively the Questelles community and the surrounding areas.

Thomas added that such acts help to foster a relationship between the public and the police.

“When the police come out and ask questions, people will feel a greater connection with the police force and will in turn give you information which would be useful in terms of solving crime,” Thomas noted.

Superintendent Elvis Browne also shared brief remarks at the ceremony, as did second co-ordinator of the club, PC Philbert Chambers.(KW)