Ministry of Health issues tainted meat warning
January 3, 2014
Ministry of Health issues tainted meat warning

Citizens are being advised to exercise sound judgement when purchasing and consuming meats and other foods during this particular period.{{more}}

A release from the Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment said “seasoning or heat cannot and will not reverse the spoilage process of meats and other foods. Tainted foods in all forms are unacceptable.”

Owners of retail food establishments are also encouraged to observe good hygiene practices and to continue selling clean food.

“Butchers are advised that all meat harvested under unsanitary conditions will be deemed unfit for human consumption and will be seized and condemned. The Public Health Department has developed new guidelines for backyard slaughtering. In this regard, all persons involved in the production and harvesting of meat from animals will either be contacted by the Department or are invited to immediately establish contact with Environmental Health Officers to be updated on the new requirements,” the release said.