Fitz-Hughes home goes up in flames
January 3, 2014
Fitz-Hughes home goes up in flames

Delcina Granderson’s hillside home at Cacartha in Fitzhughes was left unscathed by the Christmas flooding; her good fortune however, was shattered five days later, when her home of 44 years went up in flames.{{more}}

Granderson told SEARCHLIGHT that on the fateful day, she returned from her sister’s home around 4:30 pm, after they cancelled plans to clean their church building.

She said after giving a relative some food, she returned to her sister’s home, then, around 8:30 pm, someone called and told her that her house was on fire. Granderson said that when she got to the scene a short distance away, the house was already engulfed.

“I don’t know how that happened. I don’t leave light in my house and I don’t have current”, a distraught Delcina, who along with her grown son Curtis, lived in the house.

With no running water available in the village, following damage to the water system from last week’s floods, neighbours watched helplessly, as the dwelling went up in flames.

Everything was lost; another family joins the many that lost all during the recent bad weather system.(TY)