January 3, 2014
Community lighting results

Fri Jan 03, 2013

Residents of Point Village had reason to celebrate this season, as the North Windward community has emerged winners in the 2013 VINLEC community lighting competition.{{more}}

Town Hill, who took the top position in 2012, comes in at second place, while Rose Bank claims third place once more.

For 2013, Richmond Hill Gardens were front runners for the “best lit garden” category. Ces for Wes Gardens and Beachfront in Fitz- Hughes placed second and third consecutively.

Although Olivia DaSilva won the “best lit private house in St Vincent and the Grenadines” in 2012, she was forced to settle for second place this year, behind Rilland Hill resident, Jimmy Samuel.

In the zonal competitions, Rose Bank placed first for zone one, while Town Hill emerged victorious in zone two. Zone three winner for 2013 was New Grounds, zone four was won by Point Village and Port Elizabeth, Bequia won in zone five.