Damage worse than in 2011 – Official
December 27, 2013
Damage worse than in 2011 – Official

BRAGSA Road Maintenance Officer Dillon Morris says the damage caused by the floods in Georgetown on Christmas Eve, is worse than the flash flood that destroyed homes and businesses in April 2011.{{more}}

“In my estimation, the damage is worst than last year (2011),” he said.

Following the floods late Tuesday evening, the Caratal bridge caved in, leaving motorists stranded for quite some time on Christmas Day.

In an interview with SEARCHLIGHT on Christmas Day, Wednesday, as he and other members of the team from BRAGSA (The Roads, Building and General Services Authority) assessed the damage, Morris disclosed that several bridges, including one at O’Briens Valley and Spring Village, Georgetown had been destroyed.

According to Morris, several houses in Spring Village, Georgetown are threatened and the small bridge, Lady Jane, at Rabacca had been damaged extensively.

He added that the damage spread beyond the Mt Young river, Byera and other areas that did not experience much damage during the floods of 2011.

Morris said several pieces of equipment had been mobilized including four backhoes and an excavator. The official said they had however not yet been fully able to assess the damage and stated that he was not sure how long clean up would take.

As SEARCHLIGHT looked on, two trucks, one after the other, reversed onto the broken bridge to pour sand and boulders in a large crack at one side, so as to allow vehicles to pass.

Some persons present at the scene complained of their houses being flooded, but none reported any serious damage.

Damage caused by the floods of April 2011 was estimated to be in excess of EC$100 million.(KW)