Belle Vue businessman looking to rebuild
December 27, 2013
Belle Vue businessman looking to rebuild

Joseph Da Silva, businessman and resident of Belle Vue, estimates that the damage his establishment sustained during the flooding earlier this week, may have reached $200,000.{{more}}

Da Silva operated a number of businesses, including a grocery and bakery, and said that among the items lost were tools, one delivery van and other equipment.

He added about 50 feet of his land may have been washed away by the rising water level of the river between December 24 and 25.

The man explained that he chose to sleep at his business place on Tuesday night.

“At about ten minutes to ten, I watched the weather and saw that there was going to be a lot of rain,” Da Silva told SEARCHLIGHT.

He went to bed and he said that he was awakened by some residents who were trying to get his attention by throwing stones on to the roof of his business place.

After looking out, Da Silva said that he saw that the water level had risen and there was a significant amount of water on the road.

This was shortly after 10 p.m., he said.

“I heard the river coming down real hard and I saw the river flowing down the other side of the building,” he continued.

He said that he immediately went downstairs and opened the gate.

It was at this point he said that he realized that he had already lost one of the delivery vans.

“So I got out the pickup, truck and other vehicle with some help,” he said.

According to the businessman, he has been conducting business in the area for about 12 years, and this has been the worst that he has seen.

“Nothing like this ever happened before,” he told SEARCHLIGHT.

“One time when I was small, I remembered the river coming down, but nothing like this,” Da Silva continued.

He said with the disaster taking place on such a major holiday, he did not have any time to think about Christmas.

“I now have to see how I am going to start to rebuild,” he said. (DD)