‘A Soca Dan’s  Kiddies Christmas’ was not Uncle Skinny event
December 27, 2013
‘A Soca Dan’s Kiddies Christmas’ was not Uncle Skinny event

Gamal “Skinny Fabulous” Doyle told SEARCHLIGHT on Monday that the fair, which was held by the Soca Dans on December 21, should not be mistaken for his annual kids’ fair that takes place in mid-June.{{more}}

Doyle stated before the event, which was held at Victoria Park took place, persons were coming up to him, thinking that the fair was his.

“I wanted to let the public know; I’ve been getting a lot of people since before the fair, thinking it was mine so whatever great things that happened or not so great things that happened in the Park, I’m not to get credit for it,” Doyle said. “It was in no way an Uncle Skinny event”.

The entertainer and businessman added that he saw it necessary to clarify that the fair was not the Uncle Skinny fair.

He, however, said the Uncle Skinny fair, which is scheduled for June 2014, is expected to include an innovation.

“At the kiddies fair next year, we’re gonna be doing a talent show that features only young kids,” Doyle revealed.

He indicated that auditions will be opened in January for children, so that he can “find some real young, and when we say young, we mean toddler, talent”.