Local movie now available on DVD
December 20, 2013
Local movie now available on DVD

“Voodoo Man” may just be a step in the right direction to promote movie production in St Vincent and the Grenadines.{{more}}

The low budget, romantic comedy was recently filmed here by videographer Fabian Guerra.

When he spoke with SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday, Guerra explained that the film follows a young man named David, who has low self-esteem. While trying to speak to a waitress at his new job, David embarrasses himself and after a series of events, ends up visiting an obeah man in order to make the girl like him.

The movie follows him as he tries to overcome the consequences of his actions.

“People were interested. They were hungry for a local movie, so I tried my hand to see how well I did,” the videographer said about his movie, which has viewers laughing within five minutes of the start.

“Being in the media, a freelance cameraman, production person, the real reason I got into media was to do movies. I just wanted to prove to myself more or less that I could do it without a whole bunch of funding because it’s actually a low budget film”.

Although Guerra admits that “Voodoo Man” could have been better, he is happy with the outcome, as it was produced at a low cost.

He is also grateful to the locations that were supportive and allowed him to use their property as the backdrop to the local production.

“Certain things I needed, I just didn’t have. A lot of actors were acting for the first time. Locations were an issue, how long you could go in somebody business place and do your thing,” Guerra said.

“You don’t want to hold up anybody businesses for a whole day without paying them. People were positive, but I didn’t want to overstep my boundaries. If I could apply more time and push more money into it, I can probably get a better product, but I’m happy with what I have and what I had to work with.”

The movie, with an all- local cast, was filmed at various locations, including the Grand View Grill.

Guerra, who is the main videographer for a local cooking show, “We Cooking”, revealed that the 55-minute movie ended with a slight cliffhanger and that it is up to the public to decide whether or not a sequel should be made.

“Those who have seen it were happy. Those who were at the launch laughed. All they kept saying is that it should have been longer. I kinda left them hanging deliberately to make them want more. [The] movie kinda leaves you wondering, what happens to this guy and this girl now?

“According to how the public reacts, if the public clamour and say hear what, we need some conclusion on this film…I would definitely continue it,” he said.

The videographer is positive that movie production is an opportunity that can be tapped into in this country. He encouraged videographers to go for it, rather than wait until investors make a move.

“You have to show investors you can do something before they actually [invest],” Guerra said. “It’s very possible. Every director would like to have the budget to work with, but in the event that the budget is not there, don’t wait for it. Go out and do something. St Vincent has a lot of stories you could tell. A lot of culture we can put out and the talent for acting is there so …once you can get people involved, you can achieve something. Make something from nothing.”

Actors in the movie include Keishon Browne, Nisha Hope, Stanley Johnson, Martin Quashie, Fenton John, Shannon Murphy, Sheldon Wood, Kerry Ottley, David “Darkie” Williams, JP Schwmon and Shannon LaBorde.

Although “Voodoo Man” is not yet on local television, persons interested in seeing the film may contact Fabian Guerra at 433-9945, to purchase a DVD. DVDs are also available at Famous Richie’s in Heritage Square.(BK)