Judge James says goodbye
December 20, 2013
Judge James says goodbye

High Court judge Wesley James was overcome by emotion at the closing of the High Court’s Criminal Assizes on Tuesday, as he announced that his stint in St Vincent and the Grenadines had come to an end.{{more}}

With rapid blinking and constant wiping of the area around his eyes, James thanked the legal fraternity for making his stay a warm one.

“In my stay here, I was fortunate to have good, common-sense jurors, who did a great job… I would like to thank them for their service. I would also like to thank the police officers for making sure I was secured all the time…,” James said.

He also lauded the staff at the Registrar’s office, the office of the DPP and members of the private bar for their service.

Sharing brief remarks, resident High Court judge Frederick Bruce-Lyle remarked that James’ presence in his chambers has been some of the most enjoyable moments in his life.

Bruce-Lyle recalled first meeting James back in 1990, while attending a magistrates’ conference in St Lucia.

“It was there we hit it off right away,” he recounted.

Stating that he was elated when he heard James was being assigned to St Vincent and the Grenadines, Bruce-Lyle added that he will miss all the discussions they had on different matters — a lot of which included sports.

“He’s a very down to earth person. He has given me the benefit of a lot of experience. I personally want to thank him for his service.”

Bruce-Lyle further added that he has already spoken to the Chief Justice about a replacement for James and the matter is currently under consideration.

James took up duties in 2012 to help run simultaneous sittings of the Assizes to decrease the number of cases pending before the court.

Director of Public Prosecutions Colin Williams said he admired the fact that James did not complain and was able to share chambers with Bruce-Lyle and do so effectively, during the time he spent here.

Assistant DPP Colin John also expressed gratitude to James for his service. John, a former police officer, said he has learned a lot from James’ wise counsel and guidance, with regard to the law.(KW)