December 20, 2013
Digicel brings Christmas cheer to Sweet-I Robertson

It wasn’t Christmas Day but Chateaubelair resident Sweet-I Robertson was glad to accept an early Christmas gift from telecommunications company Digicel.{{more}}

On Tuesday, December 17, at Digicel’s corporate offices located in the Lewis Building on James Street, Marketing manager at Digicel Juno DeRoche handed over a Nokia Asha to Robertson.

Robertson, who is wheelchair bound, was accidentally shot in the neck in October 2010, while returning home from a show at the Petit Bordel Secondary School. She was an innocent bystander in a gang shooting.

DeRoche said that they gave Robertson the data ready handset, so that she can effectively communicate with her friends and family.

“Digicel saw that this young lady was involved in a rather unfortunate incident, so we just thought that we would do something to brighten her Christmas. From interacting with her, I realize that she is a rather intelligent young lady and we are glad that we could give her a device that allows her not only to communicate with family and friends, but also surf the net and do many other things”, said DeRoche, who added: “we are here to assist in the community in which ever way we can, so we were very happy to give this device to Sweet-I”.