Bargain TV – LIVE Teleshopping comes to SVG!
December 20, 2013
Bargain TV – LIVE Teleshopping comes to SVG!

Bargain TV, produced by WHD Productions & Ignite!, a marketing and PR consultancy, have brought the teleshopping experience to Vincentians.{{more}}

Bargain TV caters to both businesses and shoppers, by offering the public new products from retail stores throughout SVG, at lower prices. The show airs on Mondays and Thursdays at 9 p.m. live on IKTV and simultaneously online at, a release from the producers says.

Technical director and co-producer at Bargain TV Steve Wallace stated that in the age of technology, a programme such as this one is timely, especially since similar concepts exist elsewhere; furthermore, he added, almost everyone is mobile, hence it was decided that the teleshopping experience should not only be available on TV, but online, so that the public can view and participate in Bargain TV using their Smartphone, tablet or Iphone.

Host and co producer at Bargain TV Candice Sealey added that the response from the public and the business community since the programme premiered last Thursday, December 12, has been good.

Sealey outlined the format of Bargain TV: “The prices on Bargain TV are much lower than in-store and will not be available in-store; therefore, when Bargain TV ends, the deals end. Once viewers see a deal that they must have, they call the number on the screen or text the short code of the item to the number on the screen. The first five persons to call or text will be able to purchase the item at that low price. Persons will receive a verification message after the programme to let them know if they are in the top five. They will then have three days to pick up the item, if they don’t collect it in that timeframe, they miss out on the deal and we contact someone else who was not in the original top five.”

Bargain TV is being produced in seasons, with the first season being aired until the first week in March. The programme also includes additional features, such as “Deal of the Night” and “Trivia,” where persons can win free tickets or items. Partners of Bargain TV include IKTV, Browne’s Hardware, LIME and Barnets Fair Hair Fashion; featured businesses include Keystone Jewellery/Beauty Culture, Playtime by Uncle Skinny, Fragrances, Music Centre, Paint Matters, Eyes R US, the Trend – The Levi store, Do it Yourself Security systems among others.