We must work towards building more just and peaceful society – Sylvester
December 13, 2013
We must work towards building more just and peaceful society – Sylvester

Tuesday was the anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.{{more}}

It was the 65th year since the UN General Assembly proclaimed that December 10 is Human Rights day, to bring attention to the peoples of the world that the Declaration of Human Rights is the common standard of achievement for all peoples and all nations.

President of the Human Rights Association Nicole Sylvester said it is important and quite befitting to note that the life of Nelson Mandela was celebrated as he is laid to rest on such an important day.

“This day is when we focus on the inherent dignity of human beings, where all people are born free and equal, entitled to liberty, equality and justice under the law,” Sylvester said in a release.

“In order to enjoy this right we must be free to speak, to assemble, free to worship. Any government or institution that seeks to repress any of these liberties, whether overtly or subtly, should be challenged.

“Let not today the 10th December, 2013 be the only day we focus on Human Rights, but advance freedom and Human Rights in our daily work.

“We must remain ever vigilant in ensuring that we honour and implement our own commitment to Human Rights and the right of life – let us stand up against domestic violence, rape, murder and other forms of violence against the person.

We must continue as Nelson Mandela once said to foster tolerance, speak about reconciliation and be more forgiving, as we continue to work towards building a more just and peaceful society,” the release from Sylvester stated.