‘I am interested in fiscal prudence’ – Opposition leader
December 13, 2013
‘I am interested in fiscal prudence’ – Opposition leader

Leader of the Opposition Arnhim Eustace has accused the Government of implementing austerity measures in their fiscal planning.{{more}}

One such austerity measure, according to Eustace, is a wage freeze.

During the debate on the 2014 Estimates of Revenue and Expenditure on Tuesday, Eustace said that he heard Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves say that he (Eustace) was only interested in austerity.

But this, Eustace said, was not true.

“I am interested in fiscal prudence and fiscal management,” he said.

“The austerity that he is accusing me of, I will demonstrate that he is doing that,” the Leader of the Opposition continued.

He explained that he had looked at the wages bill for the years 2012, 2013 and 2014, and there were no salary increases for public servants.

He said the Prime Minister had announced that there was an increase in the wages bill, but this was because of increments owed to public servants.

“The public service for three years has gone without a salary increase,” Eustace said.

“What is that, austerity?” he asked.

“I’m sure if the New Democratic Party (NDP) was in office today, you will hear all cries from the unions,” he said.

“So, while you trying to cast all kinds of aspersions on people, you are doing the same thing,” Eustace said.

Although the global financial meltdown could be blamed for the bad economy, Eustace said that it was the Government’s responsibility to deal with the situation.

“I want to make that clear, because sometimes we play the fool with these matters, they are serious matters, and we have to be careful with the truth,” the Leader of the Opposition said. (DD)